From Our Students

After serving 4 years in the United States Army and one tour in Iraq, I moved to
Texas in 2011, I immediately went to college in the business field, unfortunately I
didn’t get a degree. After a couple years doing school and small odd jobs I moved
to Indianapolis, IN where I got my Class A Drivers License and pursued a career
in that industry, I returned to Texas had my beautiful baby girl and started
working at PepsiCo for 5 years. At the end of 2018 I was fired from Pepsi and
wasn’t sure where to go. After a lot of thought I ended up finding an opportunity
in the Lawn Care industry. I attended the Organic Lawn Care Institute in New
Hampshire where I taught knowledge on Lawns and the harmful effects of
chemicals currently used in the industry. I immediately came back and opened
my doors to offer my local community the healthy and safe alternative in Lawn
Care. I am in the beginning stages and look to expand my services and availability
throughout Texas. This is not something I could have done without the education
and support I received from the Organic Lawn Care Institute.

Alex Y

I wanted to share my experience with attending Organic Lawn Care Institute two years ago. When I
found it two years ago I currently owned a straight maintenance company with no fertilization/weed
control. Wanting to expand into fertilization to grow my business I made the decision to attend OLCI. I
was fortunate that my VA education benefits covered majority of the cost leaving me with a small bill.

Upon completion of my week with OLCI I was able to take and pass my Turf Pesticide exam here in
Washington and become Licensed. The information obtained in class helped me clearly pass my core
exam. The exposure to mix rates and information lectured, paved an easy path to my Pesticide License
which is required to add this to my business.

The Staff and Professors were very knowledgeable, the wealth of information obtained I use daily in my
business model. The support you receive as an OLCI graduate is amazing, they do not just train you and
send you on your way. They will continue to answer any question you throw at them and help guide
you in any matter relating to the industry.

I have since added Organic Fertilization to my business and the reviews by customers are awesome on
this side of the business. I do struggle with employee issues in this area which has hindered my ability
to blow it up to where I have no doubt the business could become however will say that since
implementing has added at least $20,000 more in revenue to my business.

Charles B

I just want to say that there is a huge difference between going to a school where they
actually CARE about their students makes a huge difference in the ability to absorb the
knowledge that is taught. Mixing the hands on with the book work is so beneficial and
you don’t find that anywhere. I’ve had great success starting and running my business
even in one of the harshest environments in the country because of the education I
received from OLCI. Their step by step program, and incredibly supportive staff is
committed to your success (sometimes more than you are when things get rough). If I
would have attempted to do this on my own, I would be as experienced as a teenager
mowing lawns with dull blades and my success would be nonexistent to say the least.

In my first year of running my business, I was able to grow quickly into the triple digits
for clients, who fully believe in what I do and the immense benefits of implementing
organic solutions to their needs. While I still don’t consider myself a subject matter
expert by any means, my success absolutely shines with the quality of education I
received from OLCI.

Dan C

I am writing to you on behalf of the Organic Lawn Care Institute.

My name is Frank Gaydovchik and I own a lawn service business operating out of Lexington, KY. The name of the company is
Mr. Green Thumb and we have been in business for almost twenty years.

Several years ago, as we began to see a growing concern over the use of pesticides and a need for a more environmentally
appropriate lawn care program. As a result, we set out to find the most effective way to introduce organics into our

After searching for several months, and realizing it was not an easy task we found and decided to attend The Organic Lawn
Care Institute. I attended the program and upon it’s completion I introduced many of the concepts I learned there into our
existing business. Since that time our revenue has grown significantly by offering an organic option to our customers.
It is my opinion that in today’s day and age it is vitally important to continue to learn new ways to improve business and the
curriculum at the Organic Lawn Care Institute undoubtedly has made a great difference to our company. We are now able
to answer the customer demand of safe organic lawn care.

I highly recommend Organic Lawn Care Institute to anyone wanting to add the service to their existing business or anyone
starting in the business as the industry is shifting this way. Attending this course will put them in a great position to
capitalize on the demand we are seeing in the industry.

Frank G

Organic Lawn Care Institute was a huge game changer in my small business! Would
highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow their business and take it to the next
level. Organic lawn care is a growing market, and by going to OLCI I was able to offer
an organic option to attract more customers to grow my revenue! They taught me so
much about soil biology, the soil food web, and plant health, but it didn’t stop there.
There were small business advisors there who taught me so much about marketing,
advertising and branding yourself, all of which is important when starting or running a
business! I learned safety regarding pesticides, mix rates and how to safely use
products and equipment. The support afterwards is great! Tom and Anthony are great at
responding to my questions, and weekly conference calls are very informative!

Chris P