About the Organic Lawn Care Institute

Welcome to the ORGANIC LAWN CARE INSTITUTE, a division of Natural Technologies Inc. Thank you for taking the time to explore our program on “How to Operate an Organic Landscape / Lawn Service Business”.

The Organic Lawn Care Institute’s mission is to provide you with education and training on how to operate a landscape / lawn service business that specializes in Organic Land Care. This unique knowledge base and specialty skill is valuable, whether you are looking to find a job with a landscape company or wish to start your own lawn service business. If you are already in the landscaping business, this course may also help you become the dominant lawn care contractor in your area.

Why is what we teach special and different?

We focus on the challenging and innovative aspects of turf care and organic property management. We teach a comprehensive program that involves complex skills and science to set you apart from other landscapers. The mission is to help you get a better, higher paid job, or have a much better chance of operating a successful landscaping / lawn service business. We offer training in Organic lawn care, Organic tree and shrub care, Sports turf, Storm water management, Soil biology and Natural weed and pest control.

Treating properties organically is far from being simple. In fact, you can’t just put regular organic products on a lawn and expect them to work. They usually won’t. Most organic sources of nitrogen are water in-soluble. Thus, when you apply them to a lawn they don’t easily break down and are not readily available to the plants. On the other hand, synthetic chemical fertilizers are very water soluble and the plants become addicted to the quick fix of nitrogen. The problem is these same chemicals sterilize the soil and then pesticides are needed to control weeds and insects. These chemicals contain toxins which can be harmful to the health of our kids and pets. Also, because they are so water soluble, they easily run-off and cause severe water pollution issues.

There are other organic products out there, but they either don’t work, are way too expensive, too difficult to scale up, or aren’t truly organic. The Organic Lawn Care Institute instructs students that they must address soil biology in order to gain a competitive advantage over not only chemical products but “traditional organic” products as well! In order for plants to thrive in the face of environmental extremes, the soil profile must contain a diverse population of beneficial microorganisms.

These microscopic wonders are “nature’s life support system.” They improve nutrient availability and absorption, reduce nutrient leaching, stimulate growth, improve soil structure and provide plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes such as drought, heat, cold and foot traffic. Attempting to implement an organic program without addressing soil biology is a recipe for disaster……….you must feed the soil!

We combine natural sources of nitrogen (such as protein hydrolysates and humic acid) with over 50 strains of scientifically cultured, beneficial microbes. We also use innovative chemistry to introduce micro-nutrients and plant growth hormones, such as auxins, cytokinen, indoles, etc.

Thus, the technology and methods we teach offer a natural, organic solution based on special products made with innovative chemistry and soil biology. The goal is to create a healthy soil web with beneficial microbes that naturally beak down nutrients and make them easily available to the turf.

We also instruct students on a unique, synergistic, six-step application system that was developed after several years of research and experimentation. High profile end users, such as Universal Studios, Harvard University and the Portland Sea Dogs (baseball field) have used our techniques, products and systems and given great reviews.

Why is learning this Organic Landscaping solution a great value to you?

Canada has already passed laws banning pesticides. The states of New York and Connecticut have passed laws banning the use of pesticides on athletic fields and school grounds. Also, over twenty states have passed legislation banning or limiting the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers due to water pollution issues. People are starting to ask: “If states and my child’s school are banning these products, why am I using them on my lawn where my children play?”

All of this is creating a huge demand from the public and municipalities for doing lawns organically, but most landscapers don’t know how to implement and manage an effective organic program. They are looking for help. Thus, if you learn this skill, you can set yourself apart and you may become a valuable and sought after resource in this industry.

Along with the science and product knowledge, we also teach you the practical skills of how to effectively run, operate, and market an organic lawn service business. This is valuable to you if you want to start your own business, get a job directing an Organic lawn care division for an existing company, or step in as a landscape foreman or branch manager.

You don’t have to buy, or become a dealer of, our products to participate or benefit from this training. However, a very big additional advantage is available to you (at your option). After successfully completing this course, you will qualify and be eligible to become a Certified BeeSafe® Organic Lawn Care Applicator. Being a member of our BeeSafe® network provides access to outstanding proprietary organic products, trade secrets, and application systems, along with real time, on-going technical and marketing support. It also allows you to network with over 60 landscape / lawn service companies across 29 states that are already using our system and specializing in organics.

We have also tried to make it easier for Veterans to take advantage of this program.  Our school, the OLCI (Organic Lawn Care Institute) is the only post secondary lawn care school in the entire country that is approved by the VA.  We are involved with Veteran support efforts, such as volunteering for the Planet Landscape Association’s Renewal and Remembrance event to enhance the beauty of the Arlington National Cemetery and for the Project EverGreen’s, Green Care for Troops program.

Being successful is about standing out from the crowd and having special skills that others don’t have. Our twenty plus years in the lawn care industry has taught us well…so take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to assist you in achieving success and a strong future.