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The Organic Lawn Care Institute™ (OLCI) was launched to help commercial lawn care providers adopt organic and sustainable practices through education and technical assistance.

About Our School

Our vision is to help create a more sustainable future for our planet and families. With education, we can eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides all across this country “One lawn at a time!”

We also teach that doing something good for the environment and people’s health is also very good business. You can better differentiate your business, grow profits, or get a higher paying job by specializing in Organics.


The Organic Lawn Care Institute is licensed by the State of New Hampshire Department Of Education and the Office of Career School Licensing as a post-secondary vocational school with a primary purpose of educating individuals for a professional job/career.

Mission Statement

The Organic Lawn Care Institute focuses on the individual and has directed its efforts toward providing the training, services, and  full back office support needed to prepare students for rewarding jobs and / or operating a business with special skills in organic lawn care.


The Organic Lawn Care Institute is approved by the VA for Veterans to use their educational benefits.  Financing options are available to students.  Contact us for more information.

Course Description

The first day of classes at the Organic Lawn Care Institute revolve around the turf grass industry and the study of turf grass systems from an organic perspective.  In order to for the student to be able to speak and act confidently regarding the care of turf organically he/she must understand not only the basics in…

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